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"Zdolności Kakuzu"
Zdolności Kakuzu.png
Opening Closer
Ending Long Kiss Good Bye
Japoński Tytuł 角都の能力 (kakuzu no nouryoku)
Angielski Tytuł Kakuzu's Abilities
Polski Tytuł Zdolności Kakuzu
Odcinek 84
Wątek Hidan i Kakuzu
Manga Rozdział 333, Rozdział 334
Data Emisji 13.11.2008
Brak w tym rozdziale.
Katon: Zukokku

Raiton: Gian
Fūton: Atsugai

Brak w tym rozdziale.

"Zdolności Kakuzu" jest 84 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


Chōji's spiked cannonball attack proves ineffective against Kakuzu's special ability, which enables him to harden his skin. In Konoha, Naruto learns more about the five elemental chakra natures and their strengths and weaknesses in relation to each other. Kakuzu gets struck by Kakashi's Lightning Cutter right through his heart, but survives and produces four masked entities from his back, one of which dies, as it had been struck by Kakashi. Kakuzu uses the masks to attack Team 10 with powerful Lightning, Fire, and Wind Release techniques.

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