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"Walka o barierę"
Walka o barierę
Opening Hotaru no Hikari
Ending Shinkokyuu
Japoński Tytuł 結界攻防戦 (kekkai koubousen)
Angielski Tytuł The Battle Over the Barrier
Polski Tytuł Walka o barierę
Odcinek 105
Wątek Sanbi
Data Emisji 16.04.2009
Brak w tym odcinku.
Suiton: Daikaisuidan

Kesshō no Yoroi

Brak w tym odcinku.

"Walka o barierę" jest 105 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


Guren heads back to the lake with Yūkimaru and Kabuto to stop the sealing. With Rinji's help, she manages to disrupt the fūinjutsu, and the beast begins attacking the ninja on the lake. As the beast tries to attack Guren, Yūkimaru uses his power to make it stop, and Orochimaru's plan is revealed to have been to manipulate Yūkimaru to love Guren and willingly use his power for her. Tobi, noticing the beast, goes to bring Deidara to it.

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