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Uwolnienie Ziemi: Błotne Wilki
Błotne Wilki
Angielska Earth Release: Mud Wolves
Polska Uwolnienie Ziemi: Błotne Wilki
Anime Odcinek 192
Występuje w Anime
Klasyfikacja Ninjutsu
Klasa Ofensywna, Uzupełniająca
Zasięg Długi
Typ Doton Uwolnienie Ziemi

A trap technique that is activated upon coming in contact with the opponent's chakra. The user uses a scroll to lay a trap where mud will shape into wolves that will attack the enemy. Despite being damaged, the wolves will simply reform, keeping the enemy occupied while the user makes a getaway. The only drawback about this technique is that is time-consuming to set up and will allow the opponent to catch up.

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