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Opening Closer
Ending Bacchikoi!
Japoński Tytuł それぞれの思い (sorezore no omoi)
Angielski Tytuł Everyone's Feelings
Polski Tytuł Uczucia
Odcinek 101
Wątek Sanbi
Data Emisji 26.03.2009
Brak w tym odcinku.
Kesshō: Rokkaku Shuriken: Ranbu
Brak w tym odcinku.

"Uczucia" jest 101 odcinkiem anime Naruto Shippūden.


Naruto runs into Guren while trying to find Yūkimaru and battles her. Yamato and Kakashi find Naruto and bring him back to the group. Kabuto tells Guren that Yūkimaru is only a tool to be used to control the Three-Tails, which upsets her. Meanwhile, Shizune, Ino, Tenten and Lee meet up with the others to tell them of their new mission to seal the Three-Tails before Orochimaru's group could capture it. They are also to rescue Yūkimaru and bring him back to the village.

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