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トロイ Toroi
Film Boruto
Występuje w Film
Status Profesjonalny
Płeć Mężczyzna.png Mężczyzna
Przynależność Kumogakure.png Kumogakure
Drużyna Drużyna Yurui
Ranga Ninja Gaiden: Genin

Toroi (トロイ, Toroi) is a shinobi of Kumogakure and a team-mate of Yurui and Tarui, who appears in Boruto.


Pełny wygląd Toroi.

Toroi has short brown hair and eyes. He also wears black circular glasses. His attire is similar to all Kumogakure shinobi, with trademark white flak jacket, gloves and shin guards over a blue underskirt and pants. Additionally he wears a red rope around his neck like a tie and carries a large shuriken on his back.


Toroi gives off a carefree expression.


Toroi manipulates the large shuriken on his back with chakra and possesses herculean strength. It is also noted that while he gives off a carefree expression, the fierce attacks that he unleashes must not be made light of.



Mitsuki wygrywa pojedynek przeciwko Toroiemu.png

Toroi pokonany przez Mitsukiego.

Toroi enters the Chūnin Exams with his team-mates. In the third round, he is matched against Mitsuki and is defeated by him.

Tworzenie i Koncepcja

Kishimoto has stated he was designed with lazy movement in mind, but still is a ninja.


  • "Toroi" means "slow" in Japanese, in respects to both body and mind.

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