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Saisei Kekkai
  • B uderzył kulą ogoniastej bestii w barierę...
  • ... sama naprawia się.
Japońska 再生結界
Rōmaji Saisei Kekkai
Angielska Self-Repairing Barrier
Polska Trzydziestu Sześciu Warstwowa Samonaprawialna Bariera
Manga Tom 57, Rozdział 536
Anime Odcinek 275
Występuje w Manga i anime
Klasyfikacja Ninjutsu, Bariera Ninjutsu, Techniki Współpracy
Klasa Uzupełniająca
Zasięg Długi

Saisei Kekkai is a Cooperation Ninjutsu that by linking chakra from a team of ninja, will create a barrier which if damaged, will constantly repair itself with said chakra that emanates from their bodies. The barrier also prevents those outside of it from sensing anything inside it through traditional methods.

The users can erect as much as 36 barriers, with the highest number being able to stop and contain any individual jinchūriki. It proved to be strong enough to take a direct Tailed Beast Ball from Killer B, with only nine of the thirty-six barriers shattering. However, Naruto Uzumaki transformed into his Nine-Tails Chakra Mode and forced the Tailed Beast Ball to push the rest of the way through with B following, showing it could not withstand the assault of two jinchūriki.


  • The technique required the combined chakra of six individuals.

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