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Japońska 螺旋輪虞
Rōmaji Rasenringu
Angielska Spiralling Ring
Film Droga do ninja
Występuje w Film
Klasyfikacja Ninjutsu
Klasa Ofensywna
Zasięg Krótki
Jutsu Macierzyste Rasengan
Pochodzenie Jutsu
Dai Rasenringu
Menma Uzumaki

Menma creates a dark purple Rasengan-like orb of chakra surrounded by a series of white rings of chakra that orbit the main sphere. These rings then align into one disc-like shape around the orb, causing the rings to resemble planetary rings. It matches Naruto's Sage Mode Wind Release: Rasenshuriken in power.


  • The technique's name is a pun, similar to certain techniques of Kumogakure ninja, in which it has an English name with a given kanji that somewhat match the pronunciation. In this case, "輪虞" is pronounced as the English word "ring", but literally means "fear wheel".
  • The proper spelling of the technique's name was first revealed in Naruto: Shinobi Masters, a Japanese social game available for iOS and Android phones on the GREE mobile social gaming platform.

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