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"Ostatnia szansa"
Rozdział 442.jpg
Rozdział 442
Tom 47
Wątek Inwazja Paina (wątek)
Anime Odcinek 168, Odcinek 169
Brak w tym rozdziale.
Brak w tym rozdziale.
Brak w tym rozdziale.

"Ostatnia szansa" jest 442 rozdziałem mangi Naruto.


The Deva Path leaps out of the way of Naruto's Rasenshuriken. It then finds itself in the middle of a horde of shadow clones, which surround him and try to attack during the five-second window that it cannot use Shinra Tensei. They fail and are repelled, but the combined shadow clones are able to provide enough support for Naruto to resist the repulsive effects. He attacks again with Rasengan, finally managing to hit the Deva Path when it is defenceless.

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