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Hijutsu: Mushimayu
Japońska 秘術・蟲繭
Rōmaji Hijutsu: Mushimayu
Angielska Secret Technique: Insect Cocoon
Anime Odcinek 95
Występuje w Anime
Klasyfikacja Klan Aburame.png Hiden, Ninjutsu
Klasa Uzupełniająca
Ręczne Pieczęcie Wół → Pies → Ptak → Baran
Jutsu Macierzyste Kikaichū no Jutsu
Shino Aburame

This unique technique allows the user to accelerate the growth of their insects. As the user's body is already a hive of sorts for the insects, the user will encase themselves in an actual cocoon to further aid the insects. This is an extremely useful move for Aburame clan members, since their attacks mainly focus on the usage of insects. However, using this in the midst of a battle can be potentially dangerous as it leaves the user static and vulnerable. As such when this technique is being employed, the user generally finds a safe location or otherwise can be guarded by their team-mate.

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