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"Bieg pełen uczuć"
Rozdział 252.jpg
Rozdział 252
Tom 28
Wątek Ratowanie Kazekage
Anime Odcinek 9


Brak w tym rozdziale.
Brak w tym rozdziale.

"Bieg pełen uczuć" jest 252 rozdziałem mangi Naruto.


Team 7 informs Temari that Gaara has been kidnapped by Akatsuki, so she joins them in rushing back to Sunagakure. Naruto voices his disgust with Akatsuki for pursuing both Gaara and himself because they are jinchūriki, a horrible punishment for those who have been ostracised by others for their whole lives. Temari is glad that Naruto at least can relate to her little brother. Sakura also notes that Itachi, who Sasuke joined Orochimaru in order to kill, is part of Akatsuki. She concludes that stopping Akatsuki is in the best interest of both Naruto and Sasuke. In Sunagakure, Baki tries to get Chiyo to cure the poisoned Kankurō. She has no interest until she discovers that the one who poisoned Kankurō was Sasori, her grandson.

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